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15 August (Saturday) 11.00 am to 02.00 pm

16 August (Sunday) 11.00 am to 02.00 pm


Venue: Online Webinar

What will you

My Life’s Audit

We are living life as it is happening, But the BIG Question is…

Is it right way of living?

Lets audit our life till day, because past gives us clues for future.

We are always guided by our destiny, but because of our free will we do not listen and suffer.

Do you want to do your life audit with me?

My Life’s Vision

Once you you where you are, 

The next big question is where do you want to go?

How clear you vision of life?

Do you have mind lenses that gives you clarity to your future?

If you do not know EXACTLY where are you going how will you reach there? 

My Values

How many of you have heard our Samskar (Value) decides our future.

Let me represent to you the modern way of Samsakar, or Value or belief system.

How to know your belief system and remold for success?

When fruits are not healthy the problem is not with fruits but problem is with roots?

Work on the roots (Samskar) to grow the fruits (Success)!

The Luck Factor

How many of you believe in luck? 

Luck is you being at right place at right time.

Do you know people in life who always get what they want even if they are working lesser then you?

Have ever you faced situation where you did everything but results was bizarre,

& same situation and efforts gave other person huge success. 

I call that success or intuition!

I have developed the tools to develop intuition or luck, do you want to learn that?

100% earnings of this program will be donated to Aapla Ghar.

You have option to donate money to Aapla Ghar.

Know more about Aapla Ghar

When Leukemia snatched away Vaibhav from his parents Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Sadhana Phalnikar, they braved the loss very courageously and determined to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to serve the humanity.

In this endeavour, they were helped among others by noted artists Shri Suresh Wadkar, a reputed singer and Mrs. Mrinal Kulkarni a famous TV and Cine artist. A free ambulance service for the benefit of the poor was started in early 2002. The Trust helped 20 students financially by way of scholarships. Apala Ghar, a home for economically backward parentless children was started in Nov 2002.

Our second unit at Donje, established in 2007, consists of Home for Destitute Children/Elders, Vocational Training Centre, Rural Hospital, Self contained cottages/suites for guests, Staff quarters and a temple of Lord Ganesha.

Kailash Pinjani is #1 Best selling Author, Publisher, Success Coach & Entrepreneur by heart.

His books are:-

1. Decoding Fitness – Food, Exercise and Psychology

2. Date Your Clients – Win High Value Deals from Dating Principles

He helped thousands of first time writers to fulfill their dream to become author.

He believes in education and academics are not same. 

Academics adds up on 20% of life’s success. He wishes to teach basic principles of success & happiness to make this world better place. Unfortunately these are not taught in any school or college. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The program is not free but it is fund raising event for aapla ghar. 

The successful program completion participants of the program have two options: 

1. Pay monetary donation to aapla ghar


2. Blessing to aapla ghar

The amount to donation is not fixed, any thing in your capacity is OK.

Even if you do not want to pay donations but just want to give blessings to all of us, that is perfectly fine.

What goes around comes around!

On the occasion of his son’s birthday he wanted to help people. He believe the contribution of knowledge is biggest contribution. So he decided to offer free course.

This program is purely to help you grow in your life and help aapla ghar to get some donations in case you decide to pay.

The program will be delivered in Hindi majorly. You can say it is in Hinglish.

Yes, feel free to do that.

please write to Kailash on

The program will happen ONLINE. If you register you will receive link to join the program.

If you believe success & happiness is your basic right on earth, you should attend. 

This Program is suitable for

  1. Employees
  2. Business Owners
  3. Freelancers
  4. House Makers
  5. Students
  6. Retired Professionals
  7. Anyone
  8. Everyone

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